Leadership Seminars

One-day Leadership Seminars each focus on a key area of leadership, providing participants with specific knowledge and an array of tools to enhance their effectiveness in that area.

The Art & Science of 21st Century Leadership & Systems of Care

This day will help participants understand the unique features of a system of care including delving into system of care values and principles, infrastructure components and processes, and wisdom from a system of care veteran. We will explore system of care infrastructure components, including strategic planning, governance, system management, financing, social marketing, policy and coordination of services and service array. Focus areas include the principles of family involvement, cultural competence and interagency collaboration. Come prepared with your questions, current barriers that have stopped progress in your work and ideas about how to expand and strengthen your system of care. Be ready to gain new energy, possible solutions to difficult system of care issues and wisdom from peers and faculty.

Policy Development: A Critical Tool for Leaders in Sustaining Change - Gary De Carolis

This seminar addresses why leaders need to focus on policy issues, what forms policy development can take to support the work of system change, and various strategies that leaders can undertake to accomplish effective policy development. Participants examine their current policy strategies and receive both peer and facilitator feedback to help them strengthen their efforts in this key area of leading sustainable change.

The Science and Art of Grant Writing for Leaders - Anne Lezak

This seminar provides concrete, practical guidance for preparing successful grant proposals. Participants learn how to organize their proposals, find and use pertinent data and facts, build a budget, and develop compelling responses that make your proposal stand out in a crowd. We discuss strategies to fully meet common grant application requirements, the importance of overall appearance, how to avoid common errors that doom many proposals, and some key "tricks of the trade." We will also address how to seek out funding sources that fit your organizational needs.

Creating and Maintaining Community Collaboration as Leaders - Kenley Wade

This seminar will focus on practical steps and processes for creating and maintaining collaborative partnerships between agencies and organizations in your community that serve and support families who have children with special needs. Examples of the learning include how to establish mutual goals that link agencies in ways that they can achieve common objectives. Additional instruction will include discussing how to use planning processes such as strategic planning and logic models to identify resource needs and establish and monitor desirable outcomes. Case studies will be used to bring practical applications to the learning process. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to share their own situations and apply the concepts presented to think about how to address their particular challenges regarding creating effective partnerships in their communities.

Why Social Marketing is Critical to Leaders - Deborah Porter

Do you know how to maximize your internal communication resources before you turn to external resources to support your marketing efforts? Do you know how leaders can position themselves for results and increase the visibility of their organization by using simple communication tools and techniques? This training will provide you with marketing ideas you can implement right away to enhance your organization's position in your community. For example, you will be shown how low-cost marketing tools can increase the value of volunteers and how you can make them your ambassadors. We will demonstrate and explore how to maximize your website as a critical communication vehicle. We will explore the functionality and effectiveness of social marketing to increase your standing within your community, customer satisfaction, and community capital. The persistent use of the information and techniques shared will strengthen your leadership position within your organization and externally in your community.

Leadership Primer - Various Faculty

Offers a lively day of learning, including didactic sessions and interactive exercises. This session introduces participants to valuable leadership concepts that are immediately applicable to work in organizations and communities. Participants explore key leadership topics such as understanding the role of vision and values in effective leadership; learning to match leadership styles with situations; and techniques to take care of yourself as a leader.

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