Systems of Care

System of Care Training, Technical Assistance and Consultation

Active training and technical assistance is an insurance policy to assure that your system of care is delivering high performance to the children and families that you have targeted for participation. The Center for Community Leadership has some of the most experienced and successful system of care leaders (see About Us Section). We can shape training packages around all system of care principles including:

  • Interagency Collaboration
  • Community-based
  • Cultural Competence
  • Individualized and Strength-based Care
  • Child, Youth and Family Partnerships and
  • Accountability

Also, our team of experts is well versed and has written extensively on the necessary system of care infrastructure and can help you implement each of the necessary components including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance
  • System Management
  • Coordination of Services and Service Array
  • Communication (Social Marketing)
  • Policy
  • Finance
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Training, Development and Human Resources

Systems of Care Coaching

This is a one-on-one confidential system of care coaching experience for system of care leaders, leaders from the middle of the organization and informal leaders. The frequency, subject matter and location of the coaching will be determined after an initial assessment is completed between the leader and system of care coach. These coaching arrangements can be done over the phone, through monthly face-to-face meetings or through a combination of telephone consultation and occasional on-site visits by the coach.

System of Care Circles

This is a once monthly opportunity for a peer-to-peer confidential small group meeting (no more than 8 participants), facilitated by a system of care coach through conference calls. Subject matter could include barriers/solutions to achieving system change success; innovative approaches to tackle difficult situations, pacing the work of change, sustaining the system change effort, system of care principles and infrastructure ... the topics are endless and will be prompted by the participants.

The Art & Science of 21st Century Leadership & Systems of Care

This day will help participants understand the unique features of a system of care including delving into system of care values and principles, infrastructure components and processes, and wisdom from a system of care veteran. We will explore system of care infrastructure components, including strategic planning, governance, system management, financing, social marketing, policy and coordination of services and service array. Focus areas include the principles of family involvement, cultural competence and interagency collaboration. Come prepared with your questions, current barriers that have stopped progress in your work and ideas about how to expand and strengthen your system of care. Be ready to gain new energy, possible solutions to difficult system of care issues and wisdom from peers and faculty.

Learning Organization Briefs

Through the Internet, system of care leaders can purchase once or twice monthly short on-line pieces on various aspects of a system of care to be distributed to staff. These one or two page articles will provide a professional development opportunity for staff at low cost to the organization. Each article will briefly address a particular piece of system of care work, providing an inspirational quote, delving into a system of care subject matter and ending with some questions that will help readers give thought to the covered topic and take a self inventory. These questions could also provide for a rich brown bag lunch discussion and/or learning circle within an organization or a branch or unit of a larger organization.

Meeting Facilitation

Whether it be a strategic planning retreat, town hall meeting or other organizational/community gathering, having an experienced neutral facilitator lead that effort for you can be the difference between just another meeting and a successful outcome for all parties. All too often we see leaders try and facilitate meetings and also participate in the meeting at the same time. It rarely works! It is important for organizational and community leaders and all concerned parties to wear one hat at a time. Working with the facilitator, the meeting organizers can help the facilitator understand the desired outcomes and the context behind the meeting. The facilitator then can lead the discussion, ask probing questions, assure safety of information exchanged and provide a “no sacred cows” atmosphere in moving the agenda forward for clients. Our Center goal is to work in partnership with clients to achieve their desired results, bring to bear our proven expertise with effective facilitation, and make sure all involved gain value from the experience and have some fun along the way.

Grant Opportunity Searches

As a former federal employee Gary De Carolis knows the ins and outs of finding and securing federal grants. Let him search the federal grant opportunities and send you possibilities. It is a simple process. You let Mr. De Carolis know what you are looking for and he will review all federal and private grant opportunities every day and send you back what he has found. You can subscribe for this service in 3 month, 6 month or one year increments.

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